Brussel – seminarie “De ECB en klimaatverandering”

27 jun 2017

The European Central bank and climate change

Looking into the implications of the ECB’s purchase of corporate bonds 

27 juni  13.00u – 17.30u

Brussel (Social Platform, de Meeûssquare 18, 1000 Elsene)

Organisatie: Friends of the Earth Europe, QE4People, Corporate Europe Observatory 

Dear friends,

In December it was revealed that the ECB is buying corporate bonds issued by oil and gas companies as well as car makers, highway construction companies and more. In this way, the ECB is pursuing a strategy that runs contrary to the EU’s objectives on climate change.

Since then, 75 organisations have signed an open letter to denounce the policy and a number of researchers are looking into ways the ECB’s strategy could be aligned with the need to mitigate climate change.

Building upon those efforts, we have identified a need to deepen civil society’s understanding of how the ECB’s programme works, and how it fits into a broader economic policy – quantitative easing. Also, a discussion on next steps – what to do separately or together – would be very helpful at this stage.

For those reasons, Friends of the Earth Europe, QE4People and Corporate Europe Observatory invite you to join a half-day seminar in Brussels on the 27th of June. Please save the date, and find a preliminary programme below.

If you know already that you’d like to join, send an email to kenneth@corporateeurope.org

Best regards,

Stan Jourdan (QE4People), Colin Roche (FoEE) and Kenneth Haar (Corporate Europe Observatory)

Preliminary programme:

13-13.15: Welcome and introduction
13.15-14.15: What is quantitative easing Frank Van Lerven (Positive Money) & Josh Ryan-Collins (new economics foundation)
14.30-15.30: The ECB’s bond purchasing programme: why we should be worried. Input by Kenneth Haar (Corporate Europe Observatory) & Sini Matikainen (tbc)
15.30-15.45: What are the alternatives?
16.00-17.15: Next steps. Chaired by Colin Roche (FoEE)

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