Wereldvakbond UNI veroordeelt politie-raid op Griekse openbare omroep ERT

8 november 2013

8 november 2013 – Gisteren deed de Griekse politie in alle vroegte een inval in de gebouwen van de openbare omroep ERT. In het kader van de Trojkapolitiek  had de regering  ERT gesloten in juni, maar een deel van het personeel bleef sindsdien uitzendingen verzorgen vanuit ERT. Gisteren maakte een brutale politieoperatie daar een eind aan. 
De mondiale vakbondskoepel UNI veroordeelt scherp deze “aanval op de democratie in Europa”, en verzekerde de blijvende steun van de Europese omroepbonden aan de Griekse collega’s.

Hieronder de UNI verklaring



ERT belongs to the people – Support Freedom of Speech

UNI Global Unions condemns raid on Public Broadcaster ERT

Brussels/Nyon, 7 November 2013

UNI Global Union and the entire trade union community in the public service broadcasting sector is outraged by the raid by police on the ERT headquarters of this morning 7 November.

Early this morning, riot police, accompanied by a public prosecutor, raided the headquarters of ERT the occupied public broadcaster which was officially shutdown by the Greek government on 11 June. The Government seeks to silence “ERT open”, which has been run by our colleagues and former ERT staff for the last 5 months to preserve independent and universal public service broadcasting in Greece.

UNI Global Union and all its affiliates stand with ERT staff, our affiliate POSPERT and our sisters and brothers of the Journalists Union as well as with all citizens who support ERT and want it live again.  We join our colleagues’ call to all citizens, organisations to come to the ERT headquarters and show their support to ERT Open at the manifestation today at 4PM in Athens. UNI Global Union calls on all unions and civil society to help defend freedom of speech in Greece.

UNI Global Union General Secretary Philip Jennings said: “This is pure censorship and an unacceptable action by the Greek government. UNI Global Union calls on all those who believe in freedom of speech to stand with ERT staff and Greek citizens. ERT belongs to the people”

“This is a blow to democracy in Europe. The Greek government has no other argument than force. By keeping silent, the EU is acting as an accomplice. UNI Europa calls on the EU Institutions to finally act on the unmaking of public service broadcasting in Greece”, said UNI Europa Regional Secretary Oliver Röthig.

UNI MEI President Gerry Morrissey said “The broadcasting staff and unions at ERT are defending democracy and public service values. They need all our support. They also need the support of the EBU.”

“There was no economic reason to shut down ERT in the first place. It was a deliberate political decision to silence independent media. The European broadcasting unions will continue to support the resistance of our colleagues”, said EURO-MEI President William Maunier



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