Brochures over EU en migratie

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Een publicatie van  Transnational Institute,
Stop Wapenhandel  en Centre Delàs, november 2018.

This report reveals that member states of the European Union and the Schenghen area have constructed almost 1000 km of walls, the equivalent of more than six times the total length of the Berlin Walls, since the nineties to prevent displaced people migrating into Europe

PDF, 58 blz. 1,32 MB

Een publicatie van  Transnational Institute
Amsterdam, september 2018.

The shrinking space for solidarity with migrants and refugees: how the European Union
and Member States target and criminalize defenders of the rights of people on the move

PDF, 33 blz. 2.15 MB

Een publicatie van Transnational Institute en Stop Wapenhandel 

Amsterdam, mei 2018

The policies, the profiteers and
the people shaped by EU’s border externalisation programme

PDF, 104 blz., 8,24 MB

 Een publicatie (2018) van bordermonitoring met steun van de Rosa Luxemburg Stichting en MovingEurope.

From Transit Hub to Dead End
A Chronicle of Idomeni

PDF, 116 blz., 10,14 MB


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