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Die Wahlniederlage der Partei Die Linke

Herman Michiel (*) 20. Oktober 2021     Bei den Bundestagswahlen am 26. September hat Die Linke ein katastrophales Ergebnis erzielt. Nur 2,3 Millionen Menschen stimmten f√ľr die Partei, 2‚Ķ

Afghanistan: Drawing the lessons

by Herman Michiel 17 August 2021   We saw Taliban troops parade in the presidential palace in Kabul, from which President Ashraf Ghani fled abroad. The largely US-educated professor and‚Ķ

Fighter jets as a European project

by Herman Michiel (*) 23 June 2021   You can’t be blamed if the acronym FCAS doesn’t mean anything to you. FCAS stands for ‘Future Combat Air System’, and is‚Ķ

The selective indignation of the EU

Herman Michiel, 27 May 2021 РEuropean leaders are outraged by the manoeuvre with which Lukashenko handcuffed an opponent. But the selectivity of their indignation shows that they are not…

Le miroir aux alouettes de “l’initiative citoyennen europ√©enne”

par Herman Michiel 20 janvier 2021 Traduction par Hamel Puissant et Fran√ßois Houart (Gauche Anticapitaliste)¬† de l‚Äôarticle U zei: Europees burgerinitiatief?   Le principe d‚Äôinitiative citoyenne europ√©enne, lanc√©e en 2012,‚Ķ

Das europäische Kurzarbeitergeld ist ein Geschenk an die Konzerne

Klaus Dr√§ger und Herman Michiel –¬† 27 November 2020 – Mit der SURE-Initiative stellt die EU einen Plan f√ľr ein europ√§isches Kurzarbeitergeld vor. Die Ma√ünahmen werden als Sozialprogramm f√ľr die‚Ķ

EU SURE initiative: saving jobs or pleasing investors?

Herman Michiel and Klaus Dr√§ger (*) 13 November 2020   When the European Commission finally realized that something serious was going on with corona, it launched, among other things, an‚Ķ

Pornography and anti-capitalism banned from English schools

Herman Michiel 29 September 2020   The British Department of Education last week announced guidelines to assist schools and teachers in England in their approach to sometimes ‘sensitive’ issues such‚Ķ