Amsterdam – Greek history X: is a left government possible in the EU?

11 mrt 2017

REINFORM invites you to a discussion with the title:

Greek history X: is a left government possible in the EU? 


The event will take place on Saturday 11 February at 12:00

at the LAB111, Arie Biemondstraat 111, Amsterdam


Two years have gone by since the so-called “left-wing” Syriza-Anel government in Greece came to power on 27 January 2015. What are the promises and hopes it broke? What are the consequences for people in Greece and the rest of Europe? Μany left parties around Europe dream of participating in a government. Is a left administration possible within the current establishment of the EU? Can people rest their hopes on such a perspective? How the people and the Left can create new, real alternatives against the neoliberal threat and the rise of racism and fascism across the globe? With the political discussion in the Netherlands reaching its peak a few weeks before the general elections, Reinform offers a valuable insight into the current situation.



Pepijn Brandon, post-doctoral researcher, VU

Dimitris Pavlopoulos, on behalf of REINFORM, assistant professor, VU


Extracts from the documentary “This is not a Coup” by Aris Chatzistefanou and political cartoons by Michael Kountouris will be screened.


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